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Common problem

  1. The steering gear is immobile or uncontrolled

It may be a lack of power supply or a line problem. You can replace the power supply or re-insert the wire.

2.Claws are stuck or not clamped

The main reason for this is that the rudder will automatically move beyond its corresponding position after electrification, and its corresponding position is just the physical dead angle of the manipulator. At this time, the rudder will appear a situation: it wants to move towards that position, but the acrylic parts are blocked, and it has reached the extreme point of motion. The steering gear is stuck continuously.

How to solve it? First, the steering gear and rocker arm are detached, then the power is turned on, the knob is rotated to the end of one end, then the corresponding parts of the manipulator are moved to the corresponding maximum position, and then the steering gear is installed. At this time, the steering gear can follow the knob to control.

Note: Claw clamping will cause the steering gear to heat up, and will burn the steering gear seriously.

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