SNM2500 N20 motor gripper Tutorial Leave a comment

1.Take out the parts shown in the picture

2.Install like a picture

3. Mounting screws

4.Mounting motor

5.Mounting claws

Prepare the screws and shims shown in the picture
Installed in the middle, 2 sides of the 2 sides should be placed a total of 4 pieces

6. As the picture shows

Need to put two screws into this part


Follow the 1.2 steps, the finished product is as follows

8.Repeat the above steps to install the remaining paws

9.Prepare the copper column, the screw

Prepare these things and install them on 4 holes

9.1 Insert the screw into the hole first, then twist the copper column3

10.After the copper column is installed, prepare the following parts


How to use the wire control version:

Note: The power of this small board is very small, it is only used to test the clip, and it should not be burned.

Black wire negative pole Red wire positive pole Yellow blue to motor

Power supply voltage: 3-6V, not more than 6V! ! !

Power requirements: Only dry batteries can be used, but high-energy dry batteries cannot be used. The batteries of major domestic brands are also not acceptable, and lithium batteries cannot be used. Warm reminders are not compensated for burns.

Finished map

Update log:
2019.10.24 Added circuit board usage method

2019.10.22 Added back connection size diagram

Release Date: 2019.10.09

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