1. Hey.. I got the SNAM2800 Model robotic Arm and it is great. I’m trying to get it working with ROS Moveit. For that, If you can send me a 3D model of this model, If will be a big support. Please can you send me that to my Email ?

    1. i am sorry, we no have 3D model of the model, so we can not send to you.

  2. Dear [email protected],

    How is power switch wired? One battery pack supplies 7.4v to servos, the other supplies via a plug, the 7.4v to the Arduino. It appears that the switch is to be wired inline to turn off power to the servos, not the whole robot/tank. To power off Tank, the plug must be unplugged from the Arduino.

    I sent a 2nd email about missing screws to assemble the robot arm, the M3x6mm screws included are too short for the servos included. I would need twelve M3x8-10mm for the servos and four M3x12mm screws to assemble correctly. Also there is one bearing and two M3x12mm bearing screws missing.

    Is there a Bluetooth module for this?

    thank you,

    1. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98d51ae1566d4036db378bbfc53515b10e62931fc4f4e6eb52b1135c970827dd.jpg
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7cc1deee364b25bbd2d17cf1fe71e16c634b5918faf5dbc4973cbee67a08433.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46101827750ad9588fbc29e7ee236c1919f96df0110fcb6015a865fec217280e.jpg
      Dear Sir,
      As you can see from below, The battery pack has caught on fire and melted when I installed two 3.7v BRC 18650 LI-ION batteries in the included holder. The batteries were installed in proper orientation as indicated in battery holder. In series with (+) to (-) ends connected so total supply would be 7.4vdc.
      Is there a jumper on the motor shield that needs to be removed or something, because apparently you can’t have both battery packs connected at same time . I thaught one supply was for servos and the other for the UNO.
      So I need another battery holder as well as screws
      thank you

      1. i am sorry, it is 3.7v battery box, you may give wrong pole.

        1. Hello, It was a two battery 2x 18650 battery holder. Not a single battery holder. During the fire the wire between the end that had the wire leads actually melted . The normal metal clip on the common end was unaffected. This pack must have been modified incorrectly. It should have been labelled for single battery only or metal tabs and spring should have been removed. Why not use a single battery holder? I installed the batteries as symbols indicated with (+) terminal of one to the (-) terminal of the second one. The output of the battery pack was + 7.4vdc. This was connected to 2 pin jack/connector located by JP1. The polarity of wires had RED wire adjacent to (+) 5V symbol. The power switch was not installed because there was no documentation or schematic provided. Servos require more than 3.7v to operate.
          Also, I have found that each of these servos rotate less than 180*, actually about 135*. These are at very low side of spec for MG996R servos that require minimum of 4.8vdc. https://servodatabase.com/servo/towerpro/mg996r
          There should be better documentation about jumpers on controller interface board.
          There also needs to document joystick button control or functions.
          What is being done about missing hardware, screws as noted. Also a replacement battery holder.

          1. it is Battery box in parallel,3.7v, it work on mg996r, we tested. because the power supply port for servo need 5V,

            but this power supply is not necessary for the tank, you can just plug a 7.4v to DC port.

          2. As I indicated, there are many m3x6mm or M3x8mm screws remaining, all used screws where sized correctly and left very little exposed thread. I even substituted longer ones with shorter ones to maximize assembly but no matter my methods the remaining M3x6mm screws can not be used to assemble the robot arm with proper amount of screws as indicated. The parallel battery holder is necessary to eliminate servo jitter. As I previously indicated, you must clearly label battery holder as for use as parallel source, the plastic holder has battery orientation markings indicating a serial battery holder. You lack of documentation has caused my fire, thankfully I was able to use a screwdriver to pry batteries out before tank caught of fire. Be advised, I still haven’t reviewed your product on Amazon, so far, I review is showing lack luster documentation, and unwillingness to receive product feedback with gratitude. I am trying to improve this products acceptance in the marketplace and to prevent lawsuits

            James Martel
          3. i am sorry about this, we will send the missing parts. but it may take time.

    2. two battery box, one for 7.4v, one for 3.7v, 3.7v only for option,
      you can use 7.4v DC battery power up the board, the remote control will work.
      you can test the servo and motor,

    3. only use 7.4v with plug for the tank, it will work.
      swith is not necessary, if you want use switch, you can add on 7.4v battery box.

      about the screws, before ship out we have double check.
      please check the guide carefully, if still can not find right screws, we can resend for you, but it may take time.

  3. Hi i wanted to ask about the R1 quadruped robot mg90s. Is there any setup code to calibrate the servos before the main code because the robot cant function properly after the main code is uploaded. Furthermore, i bought a new servo (sg90) to replace the faulty one, will it cause any problem?


    1. when you connect to the robot by wifi, R1 will give first action, it is for you go calibrate,
      first position should be like this image https://img.xiaodingchui.com/2019/11/c2b770a076eab5bd412ee2a1dbb899a-1024×768-768×1024.jpg
      if not, please adjust servo to this position,

      sg90 same work with mg90s,

      1. When i connected to the wifi, the servo start to buzzed & some servo gives a little movement. It have to wait for a while after the servo stop giving noise and everything started to move smooth. The problem is when forward, backward, turn left and right the robot stucks and buzz again.

        1. because you servo not install in right position, please adjust the servo postion first

          1. Hi, i have another question, what duration of time can the 3.7v 1000mAh li-po battery support the robot to move. How can i prolong the duration. Thankyou.

          2. Hi, i have another question, what duration of time can the 3.7v 1000mAh li-po battery support the robot to move. How can i prolong the duration. Thankyou.

          3. if you want it work longer, you can change more big battery.

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