how to make Arduino Remote Control robot Tank with WiFi Camera nRF24L01? Leave a comment


In this tutorial we will learn to build a remote controlled car / tank. We will also add a WiFi camera to make the Tank more equipped. We will use the nRF24L+ module for remote control. With this tutorial, you can learn motor control with the joystick, remote motor control, and motor control with the nRF24L01.

Part List:

Arduino Uno R3 Arduino Nano nRF24L01

nRF24L Adapter – L298N Motor Driver ps2 Joystick

Tank Chassis Model 1 Breadboard DIY plate Jumper/Wires – Battery Plug –

Battery 9V –

Optional (If you want to add Camera) Mini WiFi CCTV IP Camera – Mini Sg90 Servo Potentiometer 

Also Recommended other Hardwares:

Lipo Battery –

nRF24L Antenna 

NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Module with Antenna 1000 Meters Long Distance FZ0410

FPV Camera –

FPV Goggles –


Tutorials about using the nRF24L+ library 

Source Code



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