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SNARM Standard

SNARM Control is also very simple, with four knobs to control the movement of each potentiometer. After connecting to the computer with USB, you can send commands through the serial port to control the movement of the servo. At the same time compatible with other computer control software, also supports their own write procedures, the implementation of fixed repetitive action.

Package list:

1,black acrylic cutting 1 set

2,MG90S 9g  servo 4 pcs

3, Arduino UNO 1 pcs

4, Arduino extension board  1 pcs(need weld)

5. screw some

6. 5V 2A power adapter US plug


SNAM500 4DOF robot arm install guide


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4 reviews for SNARM Standard ROBOT ARM SNARM500

  1. Denis

    Great value for £25, good starter if like me you’ve not done before. Found the instructions hard at times but looking forward to learning somethiing about the programming bit.


  2. Robert

    There are no diagrams and few pictures of the arm and no instructions on how to assemble it. It is like a 3D jigsaw with only a couple of pictures. When (if) I get it assembled I’ll come back and update this.


    • victor

      i am sorry, we are keep improve,


  3. Robert Cheetham

    It is now assembled after I found the instructions. But it does work, none of the servos move.

    Robert Cheetham

    • victor

      i am sorry about this, can you show me some photo?


  4. Janko Hrasko

    bad manual and bad photos

    Janko Hrasko

    • victor

      sorry, we will keep improve


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